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DTN News - ABUSE OF POWER BY GADDAFI & SONS: Gaddafi, Sons Raped Female Bodyguards, Claims Psychologist

Defense War News Updates: DTN News - ABUSE OF POWER BY GADDAFI & SONS: Gaddafi, Sons Raped Female Bodyguards, Claims Psychologist
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - September 5, 2011: News generated from Benghazi reports DTN News., Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi and his sons and high officials raped the leader’s female security guards, as has been claimed by a Libyan psychologist.

Dr. Seham Sergewa, a prominent Libyan psychologist, is currently collecting details of rape and sexual abuse cases of Libyan women. Five of her patients happen to be Moammar Gaddafi’s ex-bodyguards and they claim that Gaddafi, his sons, and senior officials raped them in succession. The Washington Postquotes Dr. Sergewa saying that the women were passed on as objects of sex abuse from the dictator to his sons and then on to the senior government officials till the women were wanted no more and were freed.

The probe by the Libyan psychologist also reveals cases of forced recruitment of women into the ranks of security officers. One case is that of a woman who claims she was blackmailed with threats of imprisoning her brother for life if she refused to become a security guard. Dr. Sergewa has also started investigating claims of gang rape of women by Gaddafi’s soldiers during the conflict that started earlier this year. Some of the victims of rape are said to have committed suicide.

An estimated 6,000 women have been raped in Libya, at least 300 of them raped during the conflict starting with the rebellion against Gaddafi, reports Dr. Sergewa’s probe shows that rape was used by Gaddafi’s soldiers as a “weapon of war” during the recent conflict and for using this "weapon," the soldiers even received condoms and Viagra.

Some Libyan doctors and psychologists, however, have questioned Dr. Sergewa’s research methods and her findings; they ask for independent reviewing of her claims, reports The Telegraph.

Benghazi-based psychologist Seham Sergewa has collected the details for use by the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is investigating possible war crimes by Gaddafi and his associates.
Gaddafi has kept a cadre of about 30 women, known as his Amazonian guard, close by his side since the early 1970s. At times, the women took bullets for Gaddafi — one woman died and two were injured when the Libyan leader was attacked in 1998.

The strongman asked his female bodyguards not only for their protection but also for oaths of virginity, and that they be dressed in camouflage, nail polish, coiffed hair, and heavy mascara.

One woman told the Sunday Malta Times she was blackmailed into joining the unit after the regime told her that her brother had been smuggling drugs into Libya and she would go to jail unless she agreed to join the brigade.

“A pattern emerged in the stories,” the Times reports. “The women would be first raped by the dictator and then passed on, like used objects, to one of his sons and eventually to high-ranking officials for more abuse before eventually being let go.”

Sergewa is also investigating claims that Gaddafi soldiers systematically raped women during the conflict. Some women have come forward saying they were raped by as many as 20 soldiers at a time.

“In one case, a girl, around 18 or so, said she was raped in front of her father. She kept telling him not to look at her,” Sergewa said.

Other victims have committed suicide or were contemplating it.

New reports show that the violence against women may extend to Gaddafi’s son Hannibel and wife Aline Skaf, as well. At Gaddafi’s seaside homes, CNN discovered that Hannibel’s nanny had been beaten, starved, and repeatedly burned. Watch the graphic video of Hannibel’s nanny here.

Since June, many Libyan women have also been asked to join the armed forces to fight against the rebels.

“We are going to make sure that every mother, the symbol of love and creation, is a bomb, a killing machine,” government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said.
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Chief negotiator Abdullah Kanshil says talks between Bani Walid's tribal elders and representatives from Libya's interim government have ended without agreement.

Chief negotiator Abdullah Kanshil says talks between Bani Walid's tribal elders and representatives from Libya's interim government have ended without agreement.

05 Sep 2011

Libya: Chinese arms firms offered to sell weapons to Gaddafi

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Chinese arms firms offered to sell weapons worth about $200 million to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's beleaguered forces in July, two newspapers reported, compounding pressure on Beijing's brittle ties with the rebels who have ousted him.

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Gaddafi: first we fete them, then we bomb them - but that’s politics

Politicians will soon be sucking up to people like Gaddafi again if it’s in the national interest, writes Boris Johnson.

05 Sep 2011

Secret documents link Blair to Gaddafi son al-Islam

Libya: secret documents link Tony Blair to Gaddafi son Saif al–Islam and his suspect thesis

Tony Blair's close relationship with one of Col Muammar Gaddafi's sons - Saif al–Islam - who is now being hunted for possible war crimes, is highlighted in previously secret documents discovered in Libya.

05 Sep 2011

MI6 worked with Gaddafi government on rendition

MI6 rewarded Libyan intelligence for their co-operation after ties between the countries were restored with the "rendition" of the leader of an opposition group who later claimed he was tortured in custody, documents found in Tripoli show.

05 Sep 2011

Libyan 'extremist’ Britain allowed to stay was link to al-Qaeda in Iran

Exclusive: Alleged extremist who sought political asylum in Britain regularly travelled to Iran to provide forged documents to al-Qaeda.

05 Sep 2011

Yvonne Fletcher suspect 'should be tried at Old Bailey'

Britain's top prosecutor has said he wants the chief suspect in Fletcher murder case tried in the Old Bailey.

04 Sep 2011

Gaddafi weapons dump left unguarded in Tripoli

The scale of the potential security crisis facing post-revolutionary Libya has been fully exposed after the Daily Telegraph discovered a huge Gaddafi weapons dump left unguarded in the capital, Tripoli.

04 Sep 2011

Rebels certain that Khamis Gaddafi is dead

Libya's interim leaders are certain that the youngest son of the vanquished dictator is dead after a week of rumours.

04 Sep 2011

Libya: Algeria closes borders over weapons smuggling row

Algeria closed its borders to Libya yesterday as a row raged between its government and the Libyan transitional authorities over weapons smuggling across the largely unguarded frontier.

04 Sep 2011

Gaddafi's feared son Khamis 'confirmed dead', claims NTC

Muammar Gaddafi's most feared son Khamis has been killed fighting in Libya, the country's interim government has claimed.

04 Sep 2011

Libyan rebels surround suspected Gaddafi hideout

Rebels outside Bani Walid, the suspected hiding place of Colonel Gadaffi, await permission to enter the desert town.

04 Sep 2011

Somali immigrants in Libya helped by UN

Previously threatened with being shipped to Europe by Gaddafi, Somali immigrants in Libya are helped by the United Nations.

04 Sep 2011

Mass grave found near Sirte

A mass grave is discovered near to Sirte, Colonel Gaddafi's last bastion of support on the Mediterranean coast.

04 Sep 2011

MI6 'worked with Gaddafi regime'

Evidence has emerged of close cooperation between British intelligence and the regime of Colonel Gaddafi.

04 Sep 2011

Gaddafi spokesman says Bani Walid will hold out

Colonel Gaddafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim dismisses suggestions that one of the fallen leader's last bastions of support, Bani Walid, was about to surrender anti-Gaddafi forces.

04 Sep 2011

Libyan rebels poised to attack Gaddafi stronghold

Rebels laying siege to Bani Walid say surrender talks with regime have broken down and that they're ready to attack.

04 Sep 2011

Can the NTC unite a divided Libya?

A senior commander of one of Libya's most powerful rebel brigades has made an outspoken attack on a key rebel minister in the latest sign of growing divisions in the rebel ranks.

04 Sep 2011

NHS dentist at heart of Tripoli's secret army

Niz Mhani had lived in Britain for ten years, becoming a successful dentist. But that didn't stop him travelling to Tripoli and playing an important role in Libya's revolution, as he tells Andrew Gilligan.

04 Sep 2011

Secret dossier reveals Gaddafi's UK spy links

The extraordinary extent of co-operation between MI6, the CIA and Libyan intelligence during the rule of Col Muammar Gaddafi was exposed on Saturday by the release of secret documents found in Tripoli.

03 Sep 2011

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