Sunday, August 21, 2011

DTN News - MIDDLE EAST NEWS: Egypt Must Do More To Secure Its Border With Israel

Defense War News Updates: DTN News - MIDDLE EAST NEWS: Egypt Must Do More To Secure Its Border With Israel
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - August 21, 2011: This morning’s attacks on two tourist buses in southern Israel by Islamist militants, which are reported to have killed five people, has highlighted the worsening security position on Egypt’s border with Israel.

Until recently border security between the two countries had been relatively effective, as the Egyptian government under former President Hosni Mubarak took a close interest in preventing Hamas and other militant Islamist groups from indulging in acts of terrorism.

But now that Egypt is mired in its own political difficulties following Mubarak’s overthrow in February, the interim Egyptian government seems to have lost interest in fulfilling its security commitments along its border with southern Israel. The strict arms embargo Mubarak enforced against Hamas has been lifted, as have other restrictions on the movement of goods to and from Gaza.

The result is that, without proper Egyptian supervision, Hamas now has free and easy access to other militant groups that want to provide them with arms and other means of support. And so long as Egypt continues to ignore its responsibilities in Sinai, expect more terrorist attacks to take place in the weeks ahead.

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